Investments in Azerbaijan's economy (Summary of 2017)

Analysis Materials 16 February 2018 17:29 (UTC +04:00)

According to the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee, 15.55 billion manat was invested from all financial sources in the development of the economic and social areas of Azerbaijan in 2017, which is by 2.6 percent less than in 2016.

Some 1,862.4 million manat was invested in the Azerbaijani economy in December 2017, which is by 1.7 percent less than investments in fixed assets in December 2016.

According to the report, 76.3 percent of investments in fixed assets were made in the construction of production facilities, 18 percent - non-production facilities, 5.7 percent - housing construction.

The main sources of investments in January-December 2017 are as follows:

  • funds of enterprises and organizations - 9.85 billion manat (12.2 percent less compared to January-December 2016;
  • budgetary funds - 2.39 billion manat (7.9 percent more);
  • off-budgetary funds - 201.9 million manat (30.8 percent more);
  • bank loans - 2.20 billion manat (13.7 percent more);
  • funds of population - 789.1 million manat (16.7 percent more)

The investments made in the country's economy increased in all sources of financing, except the funds of enterprises, organizations and budgetary funds in January-December 2017.

According to the State Statistics Committee's report, the private businesses and organizations invested 62.2 percent of total investments in the fixed capital, but the state businesses and organizations - 37.8 percent despite an increase in budget financing.

Some 8.45 billion manat were invested in the Azerbaijani oil and gas sector in 2017 compared to 8.62 billion manat (2 percent decrease) in 2016.

The total investments worth 9.94 billion manat were made in the Azerbaijani industrial sector in 2017 or by 4.2 percent less compared to 2016.

Some 8.37 billion manat of those funds were made in the Azerbaijani extractive sector in 2017 or by 9.2 percent less compared to 2016.

The investments worth 563 million manat were made in production, distribution and supply of electricity, gas and heat in 2017, which is by 64.7 percent more than in 2016.

Some 44.6 percent of the total investments accounted for the domestic investments.

Investment indices in January-December 2017:

(Source: State Statistics Committee and calculations by Trend")

Amount, mln manat

Specific weight in percent

Investments in total



Foreign investments



Domestic investments



In 2017, the volume of foreign investments made in Azerbaijan's fixed capital amounted to 8.61 billion manat, which is by 2.9 percent less than in 2016 (8.87 billion manat).

The investments worth 7.09 billion manat (82.3 percent) made in Azerbaijan's economy by foreign countries and international organisations accounted for investors from the UK, Russia, Malaysia, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, US, Iran and the Czech Republic in 2017.

The biggest amount of foreign investments in fixed capital in Azerbaijan during the reporting period was made in July - 998.4 million manat, and the smallest amount - in September (584.4 million manat).

The biggest amount of foreign investments in total investments made in fixed assets in Azerbaijan accounted for January - 68.5 percent of total investments in fixed assets in the reporting period, while the smallest amount accounted for December - 37.5 percent.