Ruben Vardanyan about to get kicked off his "post" in Karabakh after failing on every level

Armenia Materials 21 February 2023 19:31 (UTC +04:00)
Ruben Vardanyan about to get kicked off his "post" in Karabakh after failing on every level

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 21. Ruben Vardanyan, the criminal oligarch, who was ‘exported’ to Azerbaijan’s Karabakh from Moscow, is reportedly going to be dismissed of his "post" as the "state minister" of the separatists.

Moreover, a replacement for him has already been prepared. Thus, Gurgen Nersisyan, who calls himself "prosecutor general", announced that he had received an offer to take up Vardanyan's "post", but has yet to make a final decision.

According to the sources, the separatists will announce this in the coming days.

Since Vardanyan probably is set to leave Karabakh soon, let's summarize his "accomplishments". One couldn't mess up more even if he/she deliberately wanted to:

- All the interviews to foreign media outlets didn't yield any results

- Azerbaijanis still continue their peaceful protests near Shusha

- An attempt to open airport in Khankendi to smuggle gold didn't work

- Armenians in Khankendi didn't get any benefits from Vardanyan at all

- Since he's to lose his "post", it's safe to say he failed his puppeteers in Moscow as well.

So, now that we're done with the list, all Vardanyan has to do is to decide in which car trunk he wants to escape this time.

Meanwhile, as President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the Munich Security Conference, Baku is ready to start practical communications with representatives of Armenian community in Karabakh, “but we can do it only when Russian citizen-criminal oligarch, a person who was involved in money laundering in Europe, Vardanyan is out of our territory”.