Mahmud Abbas Wants to Re-establish His Weakened Image: HAMAS Official

Politics Materials 14 February 2008 19:06 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 14 February /corr. Trend R.Hafizoglu / Calling 'fraternal' the Islamic Resistance Movement 'HAMAS', the President of Palestine, Mahmud Abbas, intends to create a positive image for himself in the Arab world. "Making such statements, Abbas wants to re-establish his image, which he has lost in the Arab world and amongst the Muslims," said the HAMAS Press Secretary, Mushir al-Masri.

On 12 Feb, the President of Palestine, Mahmud Abbas, said in his interview to Qatar TV channel that "HAMAS is our brother". He protested against the assassination of HAMAS officials by Israel, as well as against the beginning of large-scale military operations in Gaza.

HAMAS official envoy assessed Abbas's statement as a lie and hypocritical step. "The only reason for the events taking place in the Gaza, is Mahmud Abbas," Ali-Masri reported to Trend by telephone from Gaza on 14 February. According to him, it is impossible that the person, who allowed the Zionists to trample down the national interests of the Palestinians, considers HAMAS his brother. "Beginning of the military operation in Gaza may bring large damages to the Zionists. Israel well understands our message of killing one of the Israeli nuclear creators during the operations in Dimon" HAMAS official said. According to him, the threats by Israel, with regards to HAMAS officials, are made to encourage the Israelis who are afraid of the missile blows.

The Dean of the Islamic University of Gaza, pro-HAMAS politician- Isam Muhammad, assesses Abbas's statement as absence of the political will. "With this statement, Abbas brought a blow to his political career. Unfortunately, Abbas's statement does not coincide with his policy," Muhammad reported to Trend by telephone from Gaza on 14 February.

"After the assassination of ideologists of Palestine- Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and Abdul Aziz Rantisi, HAMAS took security measures more seriously. I do not exclude the existence of Israel's special plan on annihilation of HAMAS officials, but it will not be so easy to carry out this plan," Muhammad said.

Turkish researcher for Palestinian affairs, Ahmed Varol, highly assessed Abbas's statement. "Firstly Palestinian groups should come together to re-establish peace in Palestine," Varol reported to Trend via e-mail from Istanbul on 14 February. According to him, it would be better if, in the future, Abbas would support not Israel, but HAMAS and Palestinians.

According to the information on 11 February, the Vice Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, stated that in the next two days, large-scale military operations will begin in Gaza against HAMAS.

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