Iraq not Play Role in Possible US War against Iran: Experts

Politics Materials 11 June 2008 15:59 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 11 June /corr. Trend E.Tanriverdiyeva, R.Hafizoglu, U.Sadikova / At present, Iraq tries to establish relations with neighboring Iran rather than to act as a mediator in possible war against it. Any statements regarding Iraq's participation in this confrontation are groundless, Iraqi politicians consider.

"It is impossible to use Iraq's territory for military operations against Iran," Iraqi politician, Salih Kaabi, reported to Trend .

During his official visit to Iran last week, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, stated that Iraq would not become a place of arm to inflict injures and present threats to the security of Iran, Aljazeera television reported.

According to the statement of the Press Secretary of Iraq's Foreign Ministry, Ali Dabbag, Iraqi Prime Minister's visit to Iran plays an important role in establishing a strategic commission to improve relations between the two countries, Al-Jazeera reported.

"Despite that currently Iraq has been politically destabilized; it still remains as an independent country. The key goal of the US coalition forces in Iraq is to regulate the internal conflict in the country, but not to attack Iran," Kaabi said to Trend over a telephone from Baghdad on 11 June.

According to Kaabi, currently the USA is trying to stabilize the political situation in the Country. According to him, Tehran knows that the United States makes all the efforts through all diplomatic channels in order to use Iraq for its goals of war against Iran.

In addition, according to Kaabi, there are many common and historical traditions, religious beliefs between the two countries.

"In addition, in its turn, Iraq tries to establish relations with its neighboring countries. Therefore, the Iraqi Government will not allow to use its territories as a place of arms," Kaabi said.

Robert Lowe, a European expert on Middle East Programme, said that the United States could make use of its bases and presence of large troop in Iraq and the Gulf to attack Iran.

"It would be embarrassing for the Iraqi government if the US did attack Iran because Iraq and Iran have full diplomatic ties and a strong relationship exists at many levels, not least at a personal level between many Iraqi leaders and Iran," Robert Lowe, London-based Chatham House Manager for Middle East Programme, told Trend via e-mail on 11 June.

According to the expert, a US attack, especially one which utilized Iraqi territory, would be a serious blow to the independence of the Iraqi government. While the US, at least for the time being, continues to support Maliki and shore up his position, it is doubtful that protests from the Maliki government would seriously influence the US policy against Iran. This policy is much deeper set and more historical, Lowe said.

According to other Iraqi politician, Saleh Bahram, the USA will not use the territory of Iraq to attack Iran.

"Using Iraq's territories to attack Iran can expand the scale of war," Bahram reported to Trend via e-mail from Bagdad.

The politician considers that Tehran's concerns regarding using Iraqi territories in possible US war against Iran are groundless.

" Baghdad tries to re-establish relations with those countries, with whom its relations broke during the regime of Saddam Hussein. Despite all problems, Iraq holds independent policy within the country," Saleh said.

Bahram considers that the new war with Iran may appear expensive for the USA and its allies. The eight years war, between Iran and Iraq, in 80s of the last century led to the death of more than one million people. After the US intrusion into Iraq and liquidation of Saddam Hussein regime, the Iranian influence in Iraq significantly increased. \