Azeri President appraises results of poll

Politics Materials 8 November 2005 11:54 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev estimated the results of the parliamentary elections held in the country on 6 November 2005 as positive in his televised interview for the Azerbaijan state television AzTV on Tuesday.

“The most important is that the results of the elections should reflect the will of the nation. The initial results of the elections testify for it. The general atmosphere was positive, while the results testify the people of Azerbaijan in transparent and free conditions voted for their candidates and elected the most deserved,” the President underlined. He also noted the provision of necessary conditions for the organization of normal polling. A number of foreign observers and thousands of local observers monitored the elections.

President Aliyev voiced his satisfaction with the successful participation of the members of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party in the elections and their victory. “The same time representatives from another political specter, including independent candidates achieved excellent results. The elections assume considerable significance for democratic development of Azerbaijan. Therefore, we attached great importance to the elections and it found its reflection in normal organization of the elections,” he said.

The same time the head of state underlined some law-breaks fixed on the elections day. “They told me that the violations were observed in 7-8 constituencies and at present they are under investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office was instructed to investigate the facts rigorously. The people misusing their office duties will be made answerable, while the facts of criminal character will be brought to criminal court. Over several months we have made all possible to achieve normal poll, and the intention of the authorities and the Azerbaijani President aimed at ensuring fair elections. So, I cannot allow any officer to do harm to general results of the elections through illegal interference, or arbitrariness,” he stressed.

Touching upon the organization of exit-poll, in particular, results compiled by the US company PA Government, the President said that he compared the results with the initial results publicized by the Central Elections Commission (CEC) and got assured that they actually coincided almost 90%. “So, exit-poll also confirms the real results. It testifies that elections in Azerbaijan were transparent with insignificant interference in the elections processes,” he concluded.