Vice-Speaker: MP Oppositionists are our Friends and we Live Peacefully with Each Other

Politics Materials 1 December 2006 18:22 (UTC +04:00)

Media organizations, which have always stated that they have always observed the supremacy of the law, never regulated their relations in a legal platitude with corresponding state bodies. They have not considered it necessary, and thought that they could work as they like. However, laws are above all in Azerbaijan, Bahar Muradova, Vice-Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament has said answering questions put by journalists during the today press-conference, Trend reports.

Expressing her position toward the shut down of ANS TV Channel, Expelling Azadlig Newspaper editorial and other media organizations from their offices, Mrs. Muradova said that everybody should responsibly approach to the requirements of the law. According to her, nobody violates democracy or the freedom of word. Two days ago the President of the Country himself stated that. Neither the Parliament nor other state bodies advocate a position that could be different from the President. This issue was raised in the Parliament as well. Then Ogtay Asadov, the Speaker and me touched upon that issue. ANS functioned that time, and Azadlig paper editorial located in its previous office. Then we said that there was no need in politicizing this issue, since it needs a legal settlement, said Mrs. Muradova.

She also touched upon the expressions concerning those facts that opposition MPs could not speak in the Parliament. She said that all MPs have such an opportunity and the right to express their opinion on any issue. It is just necessary to act in accordance with the internal Charter, be in the lists for those who will make speeches and take turns. No need in making speech apart from the issue that is in the focus of everyone's attention. No need in putting a question instead of making a speech. MPs-oppositionists working in the parliament are our friends. We have different points of view on events and happenings but that should be apprehended in frame of democracy. We live with them in peace, and let nobody wait any other behaviour from us, said Mrs. Muradova.

She also said that there is a democratic situation in the country, as well as the freedom of word. Words of those who speak that the freedom of word is violated will be perceived just as opinions of these persons, and we do not worry about it, she said.