MP Mollazade: No serious Changes in Forthcoming Parliamentary Elections

Politics Materials 1 February 2007 14:34 (UTC +04:00)

Trend's exclusive interview with the chairman of the Democratic Reforms Party (ADP), MP Asim Mollazade

Question: On May 12th Armenia will hold parliamentary elections. Does the opposition have any chance of victory in these elections?

Answer: The Armenian opposition is very weak. It is weak because the forces pressuring seriously on this country's policy are military groups. Besides, another serious factor is the presence of military bases of other countries in the territory of Armenia. A major factor shaping the political atmosphere of Armenia is the forces which ensure their political carrier on war and blood and reply by force, armed groups and arms. At the same time, there are also forces which come out against the policy conducted by the authorities, try to change the country's foreign policy, regulate the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and re-direct Armenia to the West, and develop it in the way chosen by Azerbaijan and Georgia. Simply, they have limited opportunities. Activities of pro-western forces are impeded in Armenia. The political system based on arms and force restricts the opportunities of the opposition in Armenia.

Question: Can we say that the armed group will resolve the fate of forthcoming parliamentary elections in Armenia? What is their position on the country's interior and foreign policy?

Answer: The opportunities of forces which are in power in Armenia and maintain the power, even in an armed way, are very large. Therefore, I do not expect any serious changes in the forthcoming elections. I state with confidence that the forces based on radical nationalism and the current authorities, who are allied with them will take a lead in the coming parliamentary elections.

Question: The West and Russia are fighting for South Caucasus. Therefore, the elections held in any country of the region are of great importance both for the West and Russia. Could the forces supporting the West win these elections?

Answer: Armenia has fallen victim to its aggressive policy. The independence of this country is restricted day by day. One can say that the entire economic system of Armenia is fully privatized by Russia. Due to high debts the Government is obliged to give all its industry to Russia.
As a result Armenia has become an advanced post. The country is in the hands of foreign armed forces and groups, which established their political carrier on war. They hold a power and this is the major reason for retaining Armenia as an advanced post. I do not expect serious changes in Armenia's policy in the near future. So, I do not believe in replacement in power in Armenia after the forthcoming elections. The forces against making Armenia an advanced post are very limited.
Free press was fully destroyed in this country and the opposition has no forces to conduct alternative political activities.