Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Achieves Settlement of Two Problems of Azerbaijanis in Russia Ministry's Department Head

Politics Materials 5 February 2007 13:00 (UTC +04:00)

The Chief of the Migration Department of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, Rauf Tagiyev, informed Trend that during a visit to Russia, representatives of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, Ministry of Justine and Interior Ministry met with senior officials of the Ministries of Russia.

He stated that from the Russian side, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Consultation Department of the Foreign Ministry, Federal Migration Department and Department of Border Service. The Azerbaijani delegation brought the attention of Russian senior officials, problems of Azerbaijanis residing in Russia, which have arisen due to the application of a new law on legal status of immigrants in Russia. Mainly we raised two questions and achieved a settlement. The first question is that according to the new law, currently the people whose migration cards describe that the goal of their visit is to trade, are allowed to be engaged in trade activities. The people, whose migration cards describe other reasons, are not allowed to work. We suggested that this ban should be applied to the immigrants who came or come to Russia after the law took effect. To apply the ban to those who came to Russia before the law came into force is inaccurate. The Russian side agreed with this proposal and stated that it
will be taken into consideration, Tagiyev said.

The second problem is linked to the matter of passports of the Azerbaijan Republic being issued to Azerbaijanis residing in the territory of Russia which consequently do not contain stamps of entry to Russia and therefore, the passports are considered invalid. The Azerbaijani delegation proposed that the passports being issued to Azerbaijanis in Russia should be stamped by the Consulate of Azerbaijan in Russia and the passports should be considered valid. This proposal was also accepted and agreed with the representatives of Russia.