Average monthly basket of goods amounts AZN 48.9 as per WB's procedures

Business Materials 15 April 2006 13:21 (UTC +04:00)

Minimum average monthly basket of goods per capita amounted AZM 244,357.7 (AZN 48.9). Trend reports with reference to State Statistics Committee that the basket was estimated based on polls drawn as per procedures and recommendations issued by World Bank. Following these procedures, 32,875 individuals from 8,557 families across the country have been covered by the poll in 2005.

Amount of food products makes 57.9% in the total amount of basket, nonfoods make 22.5% and services make 19.6%. Figures on individual social-demographic groups are the following: AZM 212,879.2 (AZN 42.6) for children below 16; AZM 259,054.1 (AZN 51.8) working age population; AZM 202,013.6 (AZN 40.4) people of pension age.

29.3% of the population are beyond the line of poverty with monthly revenue (inflation-adjusted) AZM 213k.