USA plans to create its military bases in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan Materials 17 December 2008 13:18 (UTC +04:00)

Director of the General staff of Russian federation, general of the army Nikolay Makarov states, that USA plan to create its own military bases on the territories of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, agency reports with reference to "Vestri.Ru."

"Military bases of the USA embraced all regions of the world, including Europe. They created bases in Bulgaria, Romania and, according to our data, they plan to create military bases on the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan," Russian media citing speech of N. Makarov at the general meeting of Academy of military sciences, which took place on the eve in Moscow, reported Kazakhstan Today.

N. Makarov also reminded that "there is an active encouragement towards entering NATO for Georgia and Ukraine, there is obvious intention of the USA to strengthen a control for objects of nuclear potential of Russia." "Struggling arena is situated not at Far West of Far East - it exist on the borders of Russia, in CIS countries, where fighting and equipped groupings are created which are ready for actions within several hours," the general of the Russian army is convinced.