Jamie Spears 'Babysitting' Britney; Mom Lynne 'Worried' About Jamie-Lynn

Other News Materials 12 February 2008 05:06 (UTC +04:00)
Jamie Spears 'Babysitting' Britney; Mom Lynne 'Worried' About Jamie-Lynn

( Accecss Hollywood )- Jamie Spears 'Babysitting' Britney; Mom Lynne 'Worried' About Jamie-Lynn

Just because it's been relatively quiet in the world of Britney Spears this past weekend, it doesn't mean that those around her aren't very concerned.

The pop star's dad is still living with her, keeping a vigilant eye over her comings and goings, as well as trying to keep her out of the public view.

Jamie's essentially a "babysitter," said an insider.

And while he held Sam Lufti at bay, Jamie, who every day checks in with his own sobriety coach, has been toying (along with his ex-wife, Lynne) with surrounding Britney with "more normal people," says the source. But since they can't take her back to Louisiana - because her kids are in LA - Jamie and Lynne have been talking about having her friends from Kentwood, including cousin Laura Lynne Covington, possibly coming out to LA to be with Britney.

The source also says that contrary to reports, Lynne, who's currently taking care of Sean Preston and Jayden James, is not going to bring the pop star's two tots to her in violation of a judge's court order.

Although Lynne is nervous about Britney and her future, the family matriarch is mostly now "worried" about her pregnant 16-year-old daughter, Jamie Lynn, who's back home in Kentwood without her mama.

Jamie Lynn wants her mother to come home "really bad," said the source, but Lynne is staying in LA for the time being.

The source says there's talk of maybe having Jamie Lynn come out to LA until things settle down.