Yerevan intends to continue feud with Turkey - Turkish president (UPDATE)

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Armenia's goal is to continue the feud with Turkey, not to find out the truth about the events of 1915

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Baku, Azerbaijan, Mar.19

By Rufiz Hafizoglu - Trend:

Armenia's goal is to continue the feud with Turkey, not to find out the truth about the events of 1915, said President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish news TV channel TRT Haber reported March 19.

He said that the Armenian authorities have repeatedly proven it.

He also noted that the Armenian lobby, using the events of 1915, intends to conduct an anti-Turkish campaign.

"Turkey today, as always, is ready to open all historical archives in order to find out the truth about the events of 1915," the president said.

Erdogan said that the events of 1915 affected not only Armenians, but also all the people living in the region.

"The biggest genocide against the Muslim population in the Balkans and the Caucasus was carried out exactly in 1915," he said. "The Muslim population of Anatolia also suffered from the actions of the Armenians, as evidenced by the historical facts."

The president went on to add that if Turkey opens its archives, it will have big claims to the Armenians.

Previously, Turkish authorities have repeatedly made gestures to Armenia. Recep Tayyip Erdogan's message to the Armenian people on April 24, 2014 is one of such recent gestures.

Erdogan said in that message that the events of 1915 were a difficult time not only for Armenians, but also for Arabs, Kurds and representatives of other nations living in the country.

Armenia and the Armenian lobby claim that Turkey's predecessor, the Ottoman Empire allegedly carried out "genocide" against the Armenians living in Anatolia in 1915. Turkey in turn has always denied "the genocide" took place.

While strengthening the efforts to promote the "genocide" in the world, Armenians have achieved its recognition by the parliaments of some countries.

Festive events dedicated to the Canakkale Victory will be held in Turkey on April 24. Heads of over 50 countries will take part in these events.

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