Deputies consider the possibility of discussion on the matter of Nagrno-Karabakh conflict with Armenian colleagues

Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict Materials 13 April 2006 13:43 (UTC +04:00)

Armenian and Azeri deputies may have a meeting to make some discussions on resolution of Nagrno-Karabakh conflict, head of Civil Unity Party (CUP) and deputy Sabir Gadjiyev told Trend.

The deputy said this requires the consent of heads of involves countries. В"In case they consider necessary for deputies to take part in talks, then the talks may be held at allВ". Head of the party said the conflict should in any case be discussed in the parliaments of both the countries; moreover, meeting of members of parliament should be arranged at the highest level.

Fazil Gazanfaroglu, Chairman of Great Creation Party, is also considering the meeting between Azeri and Armenian parliament members possible. However, he said this conflict shall not be resolved at parliamentary level as unless it is resolved by presidents and ministers it can hardly be resolved by parliamentsВ".

Ali Masimov, chairman of Free Democrats Association, said that such a resolution was quite possible in the event of observance of well-known 4 resolutions of Security Council.