Students earning 700 points visit UNEC (PHOTO)

Society Materials 16 May 2017 12:08 (UTC +04:00)
Applicants who earned 700 points at the exam held by the State Exam Center on II major group have visited UNEC
Students earning 700 points visit UNEC (PHOTO)

Applicants who earned 700 points at the exam held by the State Exam Center on II major group, a student of the school-lyceum 3 of Aghjabadi region Arzu Mammadzade and a student of Baku Turkish lyceum of Turkish Dayanat Foundation Javad Aliyev, have visited UNEC.

Expressing their desire to study in English, the applicants met with the Director of UNEC’s International School of Economics Anar Rzayev. A. Rzayev congratulated the young people with the highest results they achieved and said the interactive classes taught in the International School of Economics of UNEC are conducted by the alumni of the leading world universities. Undergraduate Programs in World Economy, Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business are implemented here. Students also attend international Exchange Programs of UNEC.

Meeting with US Professor Bulent Aybar who perform at UNEC for one term was very memorable for the applicants. B. Aybar provided the students with recommendations about the major choice and revealed the requirements of the world labor market. The professor highlighted that UNEC is developing professional cadres to meet the requirements of the global labor market.

The applicants were very interested in cooperation held between UNEC and the world’s leading universities the University of London/ London School of Economics and Montpellier University of France. They were informed that UNEC creates the opportunity to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from both prestigious universities of the Europe. Every student who enters UNEC with more than 600 scores is granted 100 AZN of scholarship at the university’s expense. In addition, UNEC grants excellent student’s scholarship to 15 students on each course who get the highest result from the exams.

The applicants appreciated the opportunities created by UNEC for educated and talented students. They also met with successful start-ups of the Innovative Business Incubator. The start-ups answered their questions about the establishment of an idea, its implementation and incubation period in detail.

The Electronic University Model was of great interest for the young people. They were provided with the advantages of the Electronic University Model. Visiting UNEC’s library, the applicants were interested in the books on the majors they would choose. UNEC students introduced them textbooks of the leading world universities they use.

Applicants also highly evaluated the fact that the classes are held open to public at UNEC. Getting acquainted with the schedule of the International School of Economics, they expressed their desire to attend classes before the major choice.