Nar creates employment opportunities for people with hearing disabilities (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Society Materials 14 April 2023 11:47 (UTC +04:00)

Attaching special importance to the integration of people with speech and hearing disabilities into the society, Nar has organized workshop for 20 ladies on the manicure profession within the framework of the "Training School" project. In addition to certificates on completion, the mobile operator also presented the participants the necessary sets of equipment to start their own small businesses. The main goal of the project is to ensure the financial freedom of the participants and help them find their places in the society as individuals who can stand on their own feet.

Most of the participants have already started working in this field. Aziz Akhundov, the head of Public Relations department at Nar, who drew attention to the benefit of this positive trend, noted: "At Nar, our main goal is to support people to always stay involved. In this regard, supporting people with hearing and speech disabilities is a key part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. For many years, Nar has been taking important steps for these people to have new professions, to acquire new knowledge and, of course, to ensure their financial freedom. We are committed to follow this tradition."

The "Training School" project won the "Best Social Project" nomination at the "Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards" (International Public Relations Association Golden World Award) competition in previous years. You can get detailed information about other social projects implemented by Nar here.

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