Iranian government transfers construction expenses to people's bank accounts: MP

Business Materials 8 July 2011 12:26 (UTC +04:00)
Iranian government transfers construction expenses to people's bank accounts: MP

Azerbaijan , Baku, 08 July / Trend/

Ahmadinejad's government is spending construction expenses on absolutely different fields, particularly transferring money to people's cash bank account after removal of subsides, Khabar Online reported quoting head of the Iranian parliamentary energy commission Mohammad Reza Katuzian as saying.

"Several construction projects, including the South Pars gas field development project, were suspended because of assigning the construction expenses to other spheres," Katuzian said.

Iranian government cut subsides for commodities and energy products in September 2010 and has started to deposit 440,000 rials ($40) per month to citizens' bank account to compensate cut in subsides.

Katuzian said in an interview with Khabar Online part of electricity export income has also been illegally remitted to people's bank accounts.

The Iranian parliament charges Ahmadinejad of violating the budget plan by spending the funds on illegal spheres. MPs accused Ahmadinejad of importing a huge amount of gasoline without parliament's approval.

Katuzian denounced lack of transparency in Ahmadinejad's government.

"The energy commission is investigating the case of a $11.2 billion oil income, which was not remitted to the Sovereign WealthFund. There are also suspicions about the use of $7.7 billion on oil projects through the National Oil Company," he underlined.

Katuzian said decreasing the oil production by 72, 000 barrels per day is another issue which Ahmadinejad's government should clarify.

Under the Forth National Development Plan (2005-2010) it was planned to increase oil production to 5 million barrels per day, whilst Ahmadinejad's government failed to hit this goal.

According to BP statistics, Iran's oil production in 2010 was 4.245 million barrels per day.