Cell Phone joystick pops up for better mobile gaming

Iran Materials 9 February 2007 17:25 (UTC +04:00)

(www.mobilemag.com) вЂ" Everyone is playing video games these days, especially with the super family friendly Nintendo Wii. Another place where just about everyone is enjoying casual games is on cell phones, and with this pop-out joystick, playing will be that much easier (and more fun).

After all, standard "button layouts flat-out suck for gaming." The emphasis there is on "flat", because this new joystick can protrude when you need it for a momentary gaming session, popping back in for ordinary use, reports Trend.

First spotted at IndustrialDesign.ru, this analog joystick (or is it still digital input) would certainly make a Doom or Mega Man romp a whole lot more user-friendly. To my knowledge, no phone has this yet, but I think it's a pretty good idea.