Uzbekistan increases tax on gasoline consumption

Photo: Uzbekistan increases tax on gasoline consumption

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Jan. 2
By Demir Azizov - Trend:

Starting from Jan. 1, 2014, Uzbekistan increased the tax rates for consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel for motor vehicles by 25 soums, up to 265 soums per litre of fuel which previously stood at 240 soums.

The new rates were approved by the Uzbek president's decree 'On the forecast of key macroeconomic indicators and parameters of Uzbekistan's state budget for 2014'.

The tax rate on consumption of liquefied and compressed natural gas for motor vehicles rose respectively to 180 soums from 165 soums per litre and to 220 soums from 200 soums per cubic meter, according to the document.

The rates approved by the decree, are uniform throughout the country. In 2013, the tax rate on fuel consumption was increased by 40 soums.

Today the official price of one litre of AI-80 gasoline stands at 1670 soums (previously - 1645 soums), AI-91 gasoline's price stands at 1835 soums (1810 soums) and AI-95 gasoline costs 2020 soums (previously - 1995 soums).

In recent years Uzbekistan has been facing problems related to utilisation of refinery capacities due to a decrease in liquid hydrocarbons production and in line with this, Uzbekistan and especially the country's regions, are experiencing a significant shortage of fuel for motor vehicles.

In 2012, Uzbekistan reduced production of liquid hydrocarbons by 11.6 percent to 3.165 million tons as compared to 2011. The country also reduced oil production by 17.4 percent to 1.561 million tons, as well as gas condensate production by 5.6 percent, to 1.604 million tons. Natural gas production decreased 0.2 percent to 62.911 billion cubic meters.

In 2012 gasoline production in Uzbekistan decreased by 6.3 percent to 1226 million tons, kerosene production fell by 8.1 percent to 304,500 tons and diesel fuel production decreased by 2.9 percent to 1.021 million tons. Production of fuel oil also fell by 8.2 percent to 255,200 tons and oil bitumen production decreased by 8.1 percent to 151,300 tons.

Production of liquefied hydrocarbon gases increased by 5.9 percent to 273,600 tons.

Last summer the Uzbek government allowed UzGazOil LLC to refine the imported crude oil at the country's oil refinery on a give-and-take basis and to sell a part of the obtained products, that is oil and diesel fuel on the domestic market 'at commercial prices' exceeding the official prices by 1.5-2 times.

At present UzGazOil LLC has a network of 89 gas stations including 22 gas stations in Tashkent oblast and 33 in the city of Tashkent.

Official rate on Jan. 2 is 2202.20 soums/$1.

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