Iran-Georgia trade remains on hold due to coronavirus

Business Materials 6 March 2020 09:43 (UTC +04:00)
Iran-Georgia trade remains on hold due to coronavirus

TEHRAN,Iran, March 6


Iran-Georgia trade has been put on hold due to closure of borders because of the coronavirus spread, head of Iran and Georgia Chamber of Commerce Fatemeh Moghimi told Trend.

"All borders are currently closed and no truck can leave or enter. Iran is currently not sending any trucks to Georgia nor accepting any arriving trucks," she said.

"Iran's major export to Georgia was construction materials, including cement and glass. There were also food items that didn't go through because of the coronavirus alert," Moghimi said.

"Georgia has allowed the remaining Iranian trucks and passengers to return back and further transportation will be prevented," said the official.

"Borders would remain closed as long as the situation with the coronavirus remains difficult.

"It is possible that some of Iran's export goods would pass the expiration date, so it is up to the traders: either sell it domestically, or possibly store them if there's no specific expiration date," Moghimi pointed out.

"We take disease under control, then resume the full-scale trade," she said.

Iran is one of the recent countries, affected by the rapidly-spreading coronavirus. According to recent reports from the Iranian officials, over 3,500 people have been infected, 107 people have already died. Meanwhile, over 730 have reportedly recovered from the disease.

The country continues to apply strict measures to contain the further spread. Reportedly, the disease was brought to Iran by a businessman from Iran's Qom city, who went on a business trip to China, despite official warnings. The man died later from the disease.

The disease in the Islamic Republic has spread to nearly all 31 of Iran's provinces.

Following the reports of coronavirus spread in the Islamic Republic, several countries have taken measures, including closing borders and banning flights.

The Islamic Republic only announced its first infections and deaths from the coronavirus on Feb. 19.