Systematic effort launched in West to insult Islamic sanctities: Mottaki

Iran Materials 20 June 2006 11:08 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki said here on Monday at ministerial conference of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) that a systematic effort had been launched at Western press aimed insulting Islamic sanctities.

Mottaki added, "Fortunately, the move faced the solid and strong reaction of the world Muslims immediately."

He appreciated the stands adopted by the OIC in that respect, adding, "We believe the decisive and timely reaction of the Muslims made the insulters retreat, and yet it is necessary to adopt measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of similar moves in the future." Mottaki referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran's approved proposal at previous OIC meeting in Istanbul to arrange for joint programs to introduce the real glorious personality of the Prophet of Islam at global level and that Iran has named the current year after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pursuing that policy, reports Trend.

He said that presenting a harsh and aggressive image of the Muslims is among the broad scale propagation launched against Muslims, adding, "The Islamic countries have in various occasions strongly condemned terrorism and the massacre of the innocent people, and such stands have roots in our religious beliefs."

Mottaki all the same considered defense against aggression and occupation as "legitimate right of all nations" that are also recognized in international laws.

Referring to OIC Charter's Article 2, related to the need for cooperation among all member states, the Iranian Foreign Minister stressed, "The Persian Gulf region lacks an effective regional security apparatus currently, and such cooperation can lead to boosting peace and stability in the region."

He said, "The regional countries can also cooperate in such fields as taking peaceful advantage of nuclear energy, and exchanging technological experience in that respect in a bid to increase the level of nuclear security."

Mottaki repeated the previously proposed need for the establishment of a Commonwealth of Islamic Countries, adding that political talks aimed at achieving that objective could be quite helpful.

Reiterating that globalization can have serious effects on the economy of the Islamic countries, Mottaki proposed adopting effective joint measures aimed at negating the negative effects of that trend.

He said, "The Islamic World is going through a rapid trend of very sensitive international developments," adding, "In order to face the current challenges rationally, dynamically, and timely the Islamic countries are more than ever before in need of holding dialogue, sharing viewpoints, and taking effective steps."