Turkic Council Member States show profound spirit of collaboration in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Politics Materials 5 April 2020 17:37 (UTC +04:00)
Turkic Council Member States show profound spirit of collaboration in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 5


Turkic Council Secretary General Baghdad Amreyev praised the cooperation, resilience and solidarity among the Turkic Council Member States, Trend reports citing Turkic Council.

Stressing that the international community should exert coordinated and determined efforts in the fight against COVID-19, he emphasized that the global community must undertake united action against this global crisis. He also noted that the current cooperation mechanism has enabled the Member States to take concerted action.

The Secretary General stated that the Turkic Council Member States, namely Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan as well as the Observer State Hungary have demonstrated their resolve to tackle the challenges due to deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of global spread of the pandemic, Leaders of the Turkic World have been in close communication with each other and instructed relevant ministries and institutions to take necessary measures such as arranging safe evacuation of their citizens, closing borders, halting international flights, sharing experience and information as well as providing medical assistance and supply.

As part of these joint efforts and cooperation, Turkey was the first country to send test kits to Azerbaijan and helping this brotherly country to reach the necessary capabilities for diagnosing the first patients suffering from this illness.

Moreover Turkey agreed the Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship Hospital in Bishkek, which was jointly managed by Turkey and Kyrgyz Republic, to be utilized by the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic in combating COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, at the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, humanitarian aid was sent to neighboring Kyrgyzstan to alleviate the suffering of this brotherly nation.

In a similar fashion the Government of Kazakhstan assisted with the airborne evacuation of Kyrgyz citizens from China and India.

In this difficult period, the Turkic Council Member States became the first countries extending medical support to Hungary immediately after the initial news pointing to a spread of the epidemic in Europe. Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkey delivered medical supplies including much needed face masks to Hungary. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in his statement on 16 March 2020 conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the Turkic Council Member States for their prompt response and assistance. He also indicated that these aids serve as another concrete indicator of strong solidarity with the Turkic World.

Furthermore, Turkish private sector was also instrumental in terms of extending support to Kazakhstan. Ankara based Turkish company “YDA Group” has delivered a considerable aid package, containing medical materials, face masks, safety glasses and gloves that were subsequently transferred to various hospitals in Kazakhstan last week.

Secretary General B. Amreyev underlined his firm belief in sustained determination and close cooperation among the Member States. He is of firm conviction that the Turkic World will stand in solidarity with the rest of the international community in this global struggle against COVID-19.

He said the Turkic Leaders are resolved to maintain this high level consultation regarding this issue and their joint efforts to overcome this period of unprecedented challenges by taking any additional measure that could be required.