Azerbaijani Opposition Block to Receive Proposal from Former Ally

Politics Materials 16 May 2007 16:14 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr. S.Ilhamgizi / Ali Aliyev, Co-Founder of the Azadlig block and Chairmen of the Citizens and Development Party of Azerbaijan, reported on 16 May that the Oppositional Political Party Azadlig approved the Open Society Party's proposal to hold its forum.

The Open Society Party intends to hold forum on 25 May with the participation of all political parties.

The Co-Chairmen of Azadlig agreed to attend the forum.

Aliyev stressed that the Azadlig block has not yet received its proposal for joining the Open Society Party. Meanwhile, the former members of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP) are the allies of the block.

"We will consider the political course approved by the ADP after the forum. If they adhere to an oppositional position then we will not co-operate with the Party. If Sardar Jalalogli supports the political course of the Power we will consider it as unacceptable for us," Aliyev added.

Azadlig includes three parties -the Popular Front of Azerbaijan (PFA), the Liberal Party of Azerbaijan (LPA), and the Citizens and Development Party of Azerbaijan (CDPA).