Congo troops 'looting villages'

Other News Materials 11 November 2008 19:08 (UTC +04:00)

Army troops have been looting and targeting civilians in villages in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a UN spokesman has said, reported dpa.

UN spokesman Lt-Col Jean Paul Dietrich said the looting in the Kanyabayonga area began in the early afternoon on Monday and continued through the night.

There were reports of women being raped during the looting, he said.

Troops in eastern DR Congo have been battling rebels loyal to renegade general Laurent Nkunda.

More than 250,000 people have been displaced by the violence, triggering a major humanitarian crisis.

'Aid workers trapped'

Lt-Col Dietrich told the BBC that the villages that were targeted in the Kanyabayonga area were controlled by the government, but the looting may have been sparked by rumours of a rebel attack.