Iran succeeds exporting $19M worth of goods to Europe in January

Business Materials 12 February 2019 11:04 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran,Iran, Feb.12


Iran Customs Administration's statistics indicate that the country's exports to Europe from January 21 till today has exceeded $19 million.

The statistics show that overall, China, Iraq, South Korea, Afghanistan, Turkey and India were the major destinations for Iran's exports. As for Europe, Italy, Spain and Germany were the biggest European customers of Iranian exports goods, Trend reports.

The published statistics seem to include the general oil and non-oil exports figures from January 21 till today.

The volume of exports goods to China during this period was 7.4 million kilos worth $693 million, while Iran exported 1.4 million kilos worth of goods to South Korea worth $1.3 million.

Iran's exports to its neighboring countries included 29 million kilos to Azerbaijan worth $4.1, around 4.1 million kilos to Iraq worth $6.5 million, and 9.6 million kilos of goods to the UAE valued for $3.2 million.

The volume of Iran exports to Afghanistan was 8.6 million kilos worth $7.1 million, while its exports to Turkey was 8.4 million kilos valued $9.9 million.

Iran's exports to India amounted to 8.4 kilos with $78 million worth and it has also exported 266 million kilos to Malaysia worth $5.9 million.

Iran's exports to European countries include 8.5 million kilos to Spain worth $5.6 million, around 7.1 million kilos valued $6.6 million to Italy, while the volume of its exports to Germany was 3 million kilos, worth $6 million.