Turnover of payment cards in Azerbaijan grows

Business Materials 6 May 2019 13:50 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 6

By Kheyraddin Nasirzade - Trend:

In March 2019, the turnover of payment cards through ATMs and POS-terminals in Azerbaijan amounted to 1.77 billion manats, which is 16.6 percent more than in the same period of 2018, reads the report of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

The total number of transactions with payment cards in March 2019 made up 12.38 million (an increase of 23.9 percent) in the amount of 1.771 billion manats, including 1.108 million transactions worth 112 million manats carried out outside Azerbaijan.

The number of operations on debit cards [both inside and outside the country] equaled to 11.17 million in the amount of 1.65 billion manats, of which almost 6.1 million operations in the amount of 1.26 billion manats were carried out through ATMs inside the country, and 1.353 million operations in the amount of 146 million manats - through POS-terminals.

In March 2019, the banks' customers carried out via credit cards [both inside and outside the country] 1.21 million operations totaling 121 million manats. Over 326,000 operations amounting to 47 million manats were carried out with the help of ATMs inside the country, and 400,000 operations amounting to 26 million manats with the help of POS-terminals inside the country.

Number of payment cards, ATMs and POS-terminals

At the end of March 2019, the number of payment cards increased by 11.65 percent to 6.62 million compared to the end of March 2018.

Most of the cards – 5.838 million – refers to debit cards, in particular, 2.536 million – to social cards, 2.078 million - to payroll cards, and 1.224 million – to other types of cards. The number of credit cards for this period amounted to 786,000.

As of April 1, 2019, there were 2,534 ATMs in the country, of which 1,349 are in Baku, 1,185 are in other cities and regions of the country. Since the beginning of 2019, the total number of ATMs increased by 32, or 1.28 percent.

The number of POS-terminals in the country amounted to 66,401, of which 39,703 were installed in Baku, 26,698 were installed in other cities and regions of the country.

Since the beginning of 2019, the number of POS terminals in Azerbaijan increased by 291, or 0.44 percent.

Volume of transactions in ATMs and POS-terminals

In January 2019, for 1,000 people in Azerbaijan, there were 3.9 ATMs and 0.15 POS-terminal.

On average, 2,553.5 transactions amounting to 515,481 manats accounted for the share of one ATM in March. The amount of one transaction accounting for one ATM amounted to 201.9 manats.

On average, 26.4 transactions in the amount of 2,591 manats accounted for one POS terminal during the reporting period. The amount of one POS terminal transaction was 106.1 manats.

(1.7 AZN = 1 USD on May 6)