There is Need to Upgrade Opposition in Azerbaijan: Head of Azerbaijani President’s Administration Department

Politics Materials 29 July 2008 15:07 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 July / corr. Trend S.Agayeva / The Azerbaijani ruling party considers that there is a necessity to upgrade the opposition in the country.

"At present there are oppositional organizations in Azerbaijan, which embody democratic character of the state development. It is another issue that these oppositional bodies cannot submit real and constructive problems to public discussions and make statements on real and interesting oppositional alternative," Elnur Aslanov, the head of the Azerbaijani President's Administration Department on political analyses and information provision, told Trend .

"They are restricted with interior squabbles in a considerable level and unfortunately, they cannot or do not want to leave the framework of pathological envy of one another," Aslanov said.

They lose the time on clarification of interrelations inside the oppositional body, instead of becoming active before the presidential elections, to think what they will offer to public and which alternative of social economy, or political course to set off against the ruling party, the head of the Department said.

According to Aslanov, it once more proves the necessity to upgrade the opposition in the country. "Such a situation considerably impedes the development of political institutions in Azerbaijan. If we speak about the necessity to develop and improve political institutions and democratic traditions, an important role belongs to people who are in the opposition," Aslanov said.

The Azerbaijani society needs political organizations, which reflect a concrete social order, but not the organizations, which are traditionally proud of their participation in the national movement in a political field, he said. "The public needs upgraded people and interesting ideas, which are not observed in some oppositional parties. Therefore, they should think of this and free the way for others," Aslanov said.

A total of 52 political parties have been registered in Azerbaijan and 12 of them are represented at the parliament of the country.

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