Chairman of National TV and Radio: Broadcasting of Russian and Turkish TV Channels Might Be Suspended in Azerbaijan Starting from January 3, 2007

Society Materials 26 December 2006 20:20 (UTC +04:00)

Nushiravan Maharramli, the Chairman of the National TV and Radio Council, informed journalists that the issues on suspending the broadcasting of Russian and Turkish TV channels starting from the next year is expected to be viewed, Trend reports.

He said that the broadcasting of two Russian and two Turkish TV channels transmitted on the territory might be suspended starting from January 3, 2006. This decision might be also delayed to three or six months. We are viewing alternatives. There is an agreement signed between the Russian and Azerbaijani Governments which says that in order to legally broadcast, one should address to the corresponding office within 6 months. Nushiravan Maharramli said that the National TV and Radio Council is an independent organization which is not subjected to the Government and that these channels have not even once addressed to him.

On the contrary, we have appealed to the Russian party with a proposal to consider this issue, said Mr. Maharramli.

He reminded that there had been disputes between the Council and Telecommunication Ministry of the Country, since Russian Perviy TV Channel, avoiding the National TV and Radio Council, had signed a contract on the broadcasting in Azerbaijan with the Telecommunication Ministry of the Country. Foreign TV channels do not realize that the National TV and Radio Council is the office which grants legal permission, the license on the broadcast on the territory of Azerbaijan. Organization without the license granted by the Council is not allowed to sign a contract on the broadcast, said Mr. Maharramli.

He said that as an exception, only Turkish TRT could continue its broadcasting on the territory of Azerbaijan. All other foreign TV channels must broadcast by means of either cable or satellite TV. According to him, all foreign broadcasting stations can continue its broadcasting till the end of the next year. Then the issue on their license will be considered as well.