Oil exploration work planned in Aktobe region of Kazakhstan

Oil&Gas Materials 14 September 2018 13:57

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 14


Oil exploration work near the Oiyl river will begin in the Oiyl district of Aktobe region, Kazinform reported.

The Aktobe Regional Department of Ecology said there is possibility to find oil in the Oiyl district, and one of the private companies has received permission for exploration and intends to drill wells at 12 locations.

"The preparations have begun for drilling on Barkyn Kum site in Oiyl district. The “Ada” company has successfully passed 10 state expert reviews and will conduct a drilling on the Egizkara exploration site on the depth of 600, 850 and 1450 meters. The exploration work will be carried out at a distance of 700 meters from the Oiyl river and 2.5 kilometers from Barkyn Kum", said the Head of the Ecology Department Zhaksygali Imankulov.

The residents of the area spoke against conducting oil prospecting work. But the ecologists urged residents to remain calm.

"It is unknown whether there is oil or not. In addition, exploration work will be carried out at a safe distance from Barkyn Kum with its unique nature. The drilling will be conducted in just 12 locations. No damage will be done to fresh water," Imankulov said.