Iran announces conditions for remote work

Iran Materials 10 July 2020 17:34 (UTC +04:00)

TEHRAN, Iran, July 10


The deputy head in Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran has announced that staff members in administrative organizations can work remotely only if the organizations allow it and the National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus decides to close offices.

"The latest announcement about employees' attendance during the coronavirus spread states that the administrative organizations can allow employee work online, if the necessary infrastructures are prepared," said Alaedin Rafizadeh, Trend reports IRNA.

"All the employees present in administrative organizations and public offices must wear mask," he said. "The National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus is the only authority that could make decision about possible closure of offices and businesses and re-impose of restrictions."

"Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization will follow all decisions made by the National Headquarters to Fight Coronavirus and convey them to subsidiary organizations," Rafizadeh said.

Following the increase of coronavirus cases in Iran, it has been suggested to increase number of people working remotely.

Under the steps taken earlier when COVID-19 first hit the country, Iran took steps related to restrictions in transportation and closure of businesses while reducing the working hours and number of employees in offices to one third.