Analysis Materials 13 December 2005 12:02 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed on Monday a decree on the cancellation of right for management over Ganjaelektrikshebeke and Ailbayramlielectrikshebeke. Thus, JSCs have been given to the disposal of Рђzerenerji since the liquidation of the agreement.

Thus, three-year-long operations of Bayva-Enerji, involved in energy supply to western and southern regions came to an end. It was not a surprise, as the company itself initiated the cancellation of the contract and made a relevant appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers in November 2005.

Two days prior to the cancellation of the contract Bayva-Enerji complained of low collection of charges for energy evolves problems for the company in the implementation of projects for upgrade of the energy distribution networks.

No cut in personnel will be carried out following the cancellation of agreements on the management of the joint stock companies Ganjaelektikshebeke and Alibayramlielektrikshebeke, concluded between the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economic Development and Baki Yuksek Gerginlikli Elektrik Avadanliglari (Bayva-Enerji), Khagani Aliyev, the President of Bayva-Enerji, told Trend.

Aliyev said that within a month the work on acceptance will be complete. “In this period we will carry out work jointly with Аzerenerji, which is committed to take measures for efficient management of both JSCs, improve energy supply of the nearby cities and districts, increase collection of energy collection,” the President of Bayva-Enerji.

Azerenerji JSC works on development of the effective management of the joint stock companies Ganjaelectrikshebeke and Alibayramlyelectricshebeke, improvement of energy supply of towns and regions, collection of energy charges in relation to the President’s decree on liquidation of Bayva’s rights to manage these companies and their assignation to Azerenerji.

“At present the JSC employs approximately 7,000 employees and after completion of acceptance work, they will become employees of Аzerenerji. The cancellation of the agreement will not affect on their work,” he underlined.

Meanwhile, Azerenerji announced that cancellation of the contract between the Azerbaijani government and Bayva-Energy will not affect on energy supply of the regions. However, it worries very much the residents of the region, complaining of the cancellation of the contact in the winter period.