HAMAS Believes Dialogue with Israel Impossible

Politics Materials 7 February 2008 11:51 (UTC +04:00)
HAMAS Believes Dialogue with   Israel Impossible

Azerbaijan, Baku, 7 February / corr. Trend R. Hafizoglu / Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS believes that a dialogue with Israel is impossible. " Israel is a traitor and there is no point in holding discussions with a government who does not keep its promise," Mushir al-Masri, the press secretary of HAMAS said to Trend.

According to information of Al-Jazira TV channel broadcast on 6 February, the representative of HAMAS, Nabus Sheikh Musa al-harraz, called on the movement he represents to lay down their arms and to recognize the legality of Mahmud Abbas and to fight civilly by holding a dialogue with Israel.

Mushir al-Masri said that the above-mentioned step by al-Harraz is wrong and hasty. "HAMAS will not lay down arms and will not hold a dialogue with any organization acting in accordance with Israel's interests," al-Masri said during his telephone interview from Gaza.

"Any dialogue with Israel is contrary to the interests of the Palestinians. We are well aware that the dialogue with Zionist Israel means new losses and victims. The fact that HAMAS has not been carrying out operations for a long time does mean that the movement has weakened. We want Israel to know what we are able to do by the operations in Dimona," al-Masri said.

Nasir al Lahham, a political scientist and director of the Palestinian "Mean Press" agency said that Mahmud Abbas cannot control all Palestines. "The crisis in Palestine is mainly attributed to the absence of a unified government," Lahham said to Trend in a telephone interview from Ramallah.

According to Lahham, the fact that HAMAS does not hold a dialogue with Israel is natural. "Unfortunately, Israel does not follow the agreements reached and supports the extremist operations by HAMAS," the political scientist said.

The FATAH officials were not available for comment to the statements by HAMAS.

The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel made after the terrorist act carried out on 4 February in Dimona, states that discussions with the Palestinians will be cut off should rockets be fired to the South of Israel and should terror acts continue.

The official statement of the Foreign Office also said that Israel will fight against Islamic Jihad and HAMAS right to the end in order to protect its citizens.

Sipi Livni, the foreign minister of Israel expressed his hope that the international organizations supporting peace processes would be prepared to end the legitimacy and activities of the HAMAS terror organization. Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, said during his visit to Sederot city on 6 February that if HAMAS does not stop the rocket fire, establishing a Palestinian government will be impossible.

According to Al- Arabia and Al-Manar TV channels, alongside with the organizations HATAH and Islamic Jihad, HAMAS also took responsibility for the terror act committed on 4 February in Dimona. The Israel Air Force retaliated to the terrorist act in Dimona by firing rocket shells at Gaza.