Only Way to Secure Peace in Afghanistan is to Strengthen Armed Forces of This Country: UK Premier

Politics Materials 22 August 2008 17:50 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, 22 August/ Trend , corr A. Hakimi/ The Premier of United Kingdom Gordon Brown said during his meeting with Afghani President Hamid Karzai on 22 August that the number of Afghan army should exceed 120,000 to secure peace and stability in the country. He stated that the peace and stability in the country can be established through strengthening army and police.

Brown said Great Britain continues to render aid to Afghanistan. "We are working to carry out reforms and to fight bribery in this country".

London has allocated $120mln to develop education in Afghanistan. This sum is provided for the monthly salaries of teachers of the Afghani schools, he said.

President Karzai described Great Britain as one of the key countries contributing to restoration of Afghanistan.

He mentioned that 7,000 English soldiers are providing security of the country in Helmand province.

Helmand is one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan. Great part of drugs all over the world is cultivated in this province (53%).

Brown stated that investments worth 17mln pounds sterling will be invested in Helmand and Great Britain will help to open a radio station here.

The armed forces of Great Britain deployed in Helmand suffered most after agreement was signed between Taliban and Pakistan. This agreement undermined stability in Afghanistan.

The world community accused Pakistan of not taking actions to fight terrorism after blast in the embassy of India in Afghanistan.

Some US officials believe that Pakistan's security organization (ISI) is involved in destabilization of situation in Afghanistan. President of Afghanistan also accused the neighboring country of it.

Karzai said during his meeting with UK Prime Minister Brown that Afghanistan makes every effort to restore peace with Pakistan with the help of world community and talks.

Karzai stated that Afghanistan is a proponent of peace in the region and added that this country supports any measures aimed at fighting spread of terrorism and its full abolition.

Afghanistan has a right to destroy terrorists undermining stability in the country and their hide-out which was accepted by Pakistan ambiguously, Karzai said.

Brown said that Pakistani government should destroy all possible hide-outs for terrorists in this country. Brown stressed the importance of mobilizing all police groups in both states to prevent terrorism and creating stability. Islamabad should do its best to destroy terrorists, he said.

Before meeting with President of Afghanistan Brown met with the leadership of Helmand province and English forces serving here.

England plans to increase the number of its servicemen in Afghanistan.

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