Azerbaijan’s Ruling Party Says Opposition Parties not Taking Part in Election can not Asses Outcome of Vote

Politics Materials 5 September 2008 17:00 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan’s Ruling Party Says Opposition Parties not Taking Part in Election can not Asses Outcome of Vote

Azerbaijan, Baku, 5 September/ Trend , corr I. Alizade/ Ruling New Azerbaijan Party of Azerbaijan (NAP) has announced that opposition parties not taking part in presidential elections do not have a right to assess the outcome of the vote.

"Opposition parties not taking part in the elections have either lost their electorate or they are not pleased with the rules that everybody accepts," Aydin Mirzazade, member of Political Council of NAP said to Trend on 5 September.

Presidential election s in Azerbaijan will be held on 15 October. A group of opposition parties are going to boycott elections. Lala Shokvat, leader of National Union Movement which boycotts elections, Eldar Namazov, head of For Azerbaijan public forum, Ali Karimli, chairman of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Isa Gambar, chairman of Musavat party, and Ali Aliyev, chairman of Citizens and Development Party signed a joint statement on presidential elections on 5 September.

"The election which lacks free competition conditions and boycotted by major presidential candidates can not be considered legitimate," a statement said. The document also said pre-election situation in the country does not allow conducting free and fair elections. Political activity is too weak. Many obstacles are created for political parties. Freedom of assembly is almost banned.

Representative of ruling party said political forces not going to take part in the elections does not have any moral right to assess outcome of the vote.

"This is unreasonable and contradicts moral principles. It contradicts political rules to assess outcome of the vote when it has not been held yet".

He said it is common knowledge that parties boycotting elections does not have public support and they are obliged to boycott elections as they know they will lose it.

MP added presidential election have not started yet, only part of the process has bee completed. "Neither local nor foreign observers have disagreements about elections in this stage. Anyone wishing to take part in the elections has been nominated. No problems emerged in registration of candidates and sign-collection process. Presidential elections will be seriously observed," Mirzazade said.

He said political forces left aside focus of attention try to prove their existence by boycotting elections and signing statement. But public is not interested in what they are saying.

Representative of ruling party said there have always been contradictions between statement signing parties. Mirzazade said after some time one of the parties will gain certain political dividend and will accuse others and stop cooperation as before.

He said the joint statement by opposition will not have any impact on assessment of elections by international organizations.

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