Iran Refutes US Accusations against Its Navigable Company

Politics Materials 11 September 2008 20:46 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 11 September /corr.   Trend T.Jafarov/ Having rigidly reacted to the new U.S. sanctions, the navigable company of the Islamic Republic of Iran refuted the accusations being made.

The press service of the navigable company appealed to Trend with a letter, which reflects the rigid attitude of this company towards the sanctions by the U.S. Government. The letter says that this company has been operating as an international company for already many years. At present it has several large shareholders, and the company operates in accordance with international law and standards.

On 10 September, accusing the navigable company of Iran of smuggling connected with the missile industry and nuclear program of this country, the USA made a decision on confiscation of its property in the USA. Besides, the company was forbidden to establish relations with any American company. The Senate of the USA also accused this structure of falsifying documents.

However, the navigable company of Iran named the accusations of the American side lie and slander. "The documents of the navigable company of Iran can never be false. These documents are confirmed by high-ranking people in all ports of the movement of vessels. Our company is a reliable and authoritative company," mentioned in the letter.  

In addition, the navigable company of Iran stated that these accusations of the USA were similar to the accusations made by this country against other independent states. The USA can not prove these accusations by any influential proofs.

Moreover, the letter indicates that the company ended all relations with the American companies and banks for already for several years ago, and therefore the "sanctions" of the USA in no way can affect the activity of the company.