Caucasus Muslims Office condemns Iranian FM's statement made in Armenian Kapan (UPDATE3)

Politics Materials 29 October 2022 15:04 (UTC +04:00)

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BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 29. The Caucasus Muslims Office (CMO) resolutely condemns Iranian foreign minister's speech made in Armenia's Kapan and demands to retract the statement, Trend reports via the CMO.

The CMO made the remark regarding the threatening statements of Iran and military drills carried out along the border with Azerbaijan.

"Since the 2020 Karabakh War, Azerbaijan has demonstrated its clear intention to develop political and economic ties with neighboring countries to ensure regional peace and cooperation. However, Azerbaijan's good intentions are often perceived negatively and completely misinterpreted. This is especially evident in relation with neighboring Iran. As far as Azerbaijan is a secular, law-governed and democratic state, it's the responsibility of officials to express an opinion on political and economic issues. As for theocratic Iran, the religious community of the country is responsible for commenting on political events. Thus, as the religious center of Azerbaijan, we regard as a duty to express our attitude toward religious-spiritual realities," the CMO noted.

The statement said that the religious factor between Iran and Azerbaijan ​​is of particular necessity among other historical and moral values. This phenomenon should foster the further rapprochement of the two peoples.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed. Protective attitude of Iran towards Armenia before and since the solution of the Karabakh conflict, is condemned by Muslims, the Azerbaijani people. Unlike other Muslim countries, which didn't establish political and diplomatic relations with the aggressor-country and made statements condemning the occupation, Iran further enhanced all-inclusive cooperation with Armenia, thus ignoring the resolutions adopted within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This attitude running counter to Islam values is not perceived by the Azerbaijani believers," said the statement.

According to the CMO, during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, when Armenia transformed mosques into pigsties, committed the Khojaly genocide, forced a million Azerbaijanis to leave their native lands, Iran made no statements to protest against these atrocities.

"When the Armenians, having destroyed Azerbaijani mosques in Karabakh and Western Azerbaijan, "rebuilt" the Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque in Shusha and the Blue Mosque in Yerevan in order to create the image of allegedly caring of mosques, the Iranian companies were covering the vandalism of Armenia through changing the peculiarity of Azerbaijani mosques," the statement said.

"Despite all this, we have always attached importance to developing high-level relations with Iran, as well as never remained indifferent to the fate of millions of our compatriots living there. Azerbaijan is an integral part of the Islamic world, and thousands of Azerbaijani Muslims died fighting for the territorial integrity. Iran promising military assistance to Armenia that shed blood of its Muslim brothers encourages it to a new revenge war. This action poses threat to the national interests of Azerbaijan. If Iran opens a consulate in Kapan and declares his readiness to open a consulate general of Armenia in the ancient Azerbaijani city of Tabriz, this cannot be regarded as a friendly step at all. All these statements contradict Islamic ideology and constitute a stab in a Muslim brother's back," the statement added.

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