Pro-Armenian Baroness Cox linked to anti-Islamic activists - UK scandal

Politics Materials 26 February 2023 00:23 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 25. The pro-Armenian Baroness Cox's connections with well-known anti-Islamic activists have been disclosed, which led to a major scandal in the UK.

After the documents confirming the connections of a member of the House of Lords Cox with anti-Islamic activists appeared, she had to declare her financial interests.

The baroness received funding from an American organization run by evangelical philanthropists associated with orthodox Christian groups and campaigns against same-sex marriage. According to the documents, it is clear that she held regular meetings with well-known critics of Islam.

Trying to justify herself, Cox noted that the reason why she did not register the support received from the non-profit Equal and Free Limited company is that it simply passed by her attention, and that the amount received was used to pay for her parliamentary researcher.

This is far from the first scandal around the Baroness. Of course, everyone in the UK has long known the pro-Armenian and Islamophobic views of the former nurse from the London Hospital. Working off the generous offerings of the Armenian diaspora, abroad, Cox constantly gets into all sorts of scandals, trying to do everything so that her colleagues in the House of Lords join her.