France continues to demonstrate hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan - official

Politics Materials 29 August 2023 17:41 (UTC +04:00)
Humay Aghajanova
Humay Aghajanova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 29. Recent statements by the French President and the Foreign Minister once again show that Paris continues to demonstrate a hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan at all levels and platforms, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement, Trend reports.

The statement says that France, which suppresses protests with police force and whose image in the world has been shaken by these events as well as by shameful defeats on the African continent, is trying to take steps against Azerbaijan.

"We remind the French Foreign Minister that the word "immoral" is more appropriate for a country that committed genocide in Algeria, destroyed various tribes, keeps the skulls of Algerian freedom fighters as war trophies in a museum in Paris, retains territories thousands of kilometers away, damages various peoples and the environment with nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean. This concept applies to France itself, which also bans the Corsican language," the statement said.

Armenia expelled all Azerbaijanis from its territory in 1987–1991; occupied Azerbaijani territories in 1991–1994; expelled about 800,000 Azerbaijanis from there; destroyed more than 900 cities and villages in Azerbaijan; committed numerous murders of Azerbaijanis; and the French Foreign Minister, who turned a blind eye to the mass killings of Azerbaijanis in Garadagli, Khojaly, Malibeyli, Meshali, and Aghdaban, accuses Azerbaijan of intending to carry out "ethnic cleansing".

"It is already clear to the whole world that France does not want peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia and is trying to prevent the reintegration of Armenians living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. France must put an end to Islamophobia, which is an insult to morality, international law, the policy of Azerbaijanophobia, and the approach to issues through the prism of religious prejudice. The Western Azerbaijan Community will not allow France, whose history is full of genocides, colonialism, and injustice, to manipulate the concepts of noble values, such as human rights, to disguise its dirty politics and will continue to expose its policy of double standards," said the statement.