Social media influencers worldwide draw attention to Azerbaijan's anti-terror activities in Karabakh - Türkiye's DHA

Politics Materials 21 September 2023 11:10 (UTC +04:00)
Maryana Ahmadova
Maryana Ahmadova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 21. Türkiye's well-known Demirören News Agency (DHA) has published an article of AzerNews newspaper's Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elnur Enveroglu about the anti-terror measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Army in Karabakh on September 19-20, Trend reports.

"In the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan, under the control of Russian peacekeepers, the terrorist groups and the separatist elements of Armenia, who commit terror and provocations against the Azerbaijani Army servicemen and civilians, have already attracted the attention of bloggers from across the world. Although the separatists have bribed many in the US Senate and the European Union Parliament, the truth still speaks for itself. Indeed, the world is bigger than five.

Azerbaijani policemen and two state agency employees who died in a mine explosion as a result of Armenian terrorist provocations yesterday were a clear proof of Armenia's insidious intentions. The world was not silent about what happened; Italian military expert Thomas Theiner reacted to the processes and called on the separatist forces to surrender on his X social network page (formerly twitter).

"In September 2020 I said after 3 days that Armenia has lost the war in Karabakh In March 2022 I said after 7 days that Russia has lost the war in Ukraine. In September 2023 I say after 20 minutes of fighting that Karabakh Armenians have lost the war. It is over. Surrender now," the Theiner wrote.

In fact, Theiner's statements are not new. Azerbaijan has repeatedly declared it internationally that Armenia is a defeated state and that it should end its policy of invasion. There is also an interesting calculation in Theiner's statement that shows Armenia's backwardness in development. Three years ago, when Armenia attacked Azerbaijan, only three days were enough for the Azerbaijani Army to expel the invading military forces of Armenia from the occupied territories. Three years have passed since that event, and the attack plan of the same invading groups that did not want to leave Garabagh violating the 10 November Statement signed in 2020 was crushed by the victorious Azerbaijani Army in just 20 minutes. Analyzing all the processes, the military expert also wants to say that the Armenian military forces do not have any strong potential. As the saying goes, beat a dead horse. Although Armenia dreamed of restoring its military strength due to the military aid it received from outside, it could not put it dreams come true. The latest provocations of the Armenians made them surrender and showed once again that no provocation attack can affect Azerbaijan, neither in its own territory nor from outside.

During the proceedings, the position of the West attracted considerable attention. US congressman Adam Schiff, who is constantly on the agenda with his biased views on Azerbaijan, tirelessly tried to defend terrorist forces on his X social page yesterday. Shouting the name of the unrecognized so-called "artsakh", Adam dressed up the terrorists as innocent and called on a group of pro-Armenian forces like himself to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan.

In addition, the co-chairs of the Armenian Affairs Committee of the Congress, Gus Bilirakis, Frank Fallon and David Valadao, prepared a so-called joint statement on the 'fate' of Armenian terrorist groups. In a joint statement, they claim that Azerbaijan is committing genocide against the terrorist groups. But there can be no doubt that the statement is absurd and totally ridiculous. First of all, the members of the congress should report the bribes they received from the lobbyists who finance the separatist Armenians. There's no doubt that because the amount going to them this time is high, as the voices of the Congressmen Adam Schiff, Gus Bilirakis, Frank Fallon and David Valado are coming louder. But let them not forget that if they consider themselves strong with their voices, Azerbaijan is strong in every sense.

Western forces cannot present themselves as the right side to the world by supposedly recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Because justice and honor are not as cheap as their dignities in the world. The value of the words spoken at the meetings held in Brussels was as worthless as the confessions made by Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan. This is not what Azerbaijan says, but many farsighted people of the West express these in their quotes. The other day, the faculty member of the US Naval Postgraduate School, foreign policy specialist, an influential American expert in South Caucasus, Brenda Shaffer's reaction to the President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel expressing the name of Karabakh economic region as "Nagorno Karabakh" was an extremely fair and adequate step.

“It's not "Nagorno-Karabakh Oblast"-- the USSR collapsed over thirty years ago. It is Azerbaijan's region of Karabakh,” Shaffer wrote on her X social page in response to EU Council President’s political gaffe.

With this statement, Brenda Shaffer taught the European Council President a lesson about justice and honesty. If the territory of Azerbaijan is recognized at the level of the leadership of the Council of Europe, then its name should be respected.

In general, the different approaches of the West regarding the situation in Karabakh create such an idea that truth and justice are not within statements sealed on documents on the desks of the US Congress or various international organizations - they are in the words of people who hold not high positions, receive no bribe, can see the truth and are able to say the right word," the article reads.