Fully independent Azerbaijan to hold first countrywide election in its history

Politics Materials 8 December 2023 11:27 (UTC +04:00)
Fully independent Azerbaijan to hold first countrywide election in its history
Ingilab Mammadov
Ingilab Mammadov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, December 8. Azerbaijan has no political figures who could pose a serious challenge to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in the election, political analyst Ilyas Huseynov told Trend.

Huseynov reminded that [namely during Ilham Aliyev's presidency] the country has liberated its lands after 30 years of occupation.

It's natural that there may be several candidates in the election, but their chances of winning are significantly lower, the analyst said.

He noted that the sudden and unexpected announcement of the election is reminiscent of the parliamentary election in 2020. In December 2019, President Ilham Aliyev unexpectedly announced that extraordinary parliamentary election would take place in February 2020, nine months earlier than anticipated.

"Now it's difficult to exactly predict whether the mentioned extraordinary presidential election is related to regional processes. It can be assumed that the coming years will be more stressful and challenging in the region and worldwide. Municipal election will also take place in the country next year. Most likely, parliamentary election will also be announced in the autumn of next year," he emphasized.

Huseynov also reminded that, according to the results of the referendum held in Azerbaijan in 2016, presidential election is held every seven years. After this change, the incumbent President Ilham Aliyev was re-elected as the head of state in April 2018.

"We are looking ahead to the presidential election scheduled for February 7, 2024. Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty have been already fully restored. After Ilham Aliyev's election as President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018, he did everything possible to solve the most important problem facing our people," the analyst said. "Shortly after the start of the final stage of the process of restoring territorial integrity, the full potential of our country and our people was mobilized to achieve a common goal, and the slogan 'Karabakh is Azerbaijan!' became the motto of every Azerbaijani."

Besides, he mentioned that just two years after the election of the President in 2018, the most glorious page in the modern history of Azerbaijan began to be written.

Huseynov further pointed out the second Karabakh war, which started on September 27, 2020, and lasted for 44 days, ended with Azerbaijan's historic victory, and on September 20, 2023, local anti-terrorist measures completed the process of fully restoring territorial integrity, constitutional structure, and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

"The restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan has created new realities in the region and our country, forming more favorable conditions for cooperation. For the first time in the history of independent Azerbaijan, the election will be held throughout the entire territory of the country. This election will be remembered as the triumph of our territorial integrity and sovereignty," he added.

On December 7, President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on holding early presidential election in Azerbaijan on February 7, 2024.

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