Politics Materials 8 June 2006 12:12 (UTC +04:00)

According to the State Statistics Committee, in January to April 2005 net money incomes of the population grew 18.9% and comprised 3249.1m manats. Per capita incomes comprised 389,900 manats with a rise of 17.7%.

Major indices, characterizing money incomes of the population


Actual figures for January to April February 2006

As compared to 2005

Net money incomes of population, in bn manats.



Per capita population, in ths manats.



Money incomes in hands, in bn manats.



Per capita population, in ths manats



Source: State Committee Statistics

In this period the community expenses were as follows: 69.0% was spent on consumer demand, 11.9% - obligatory payments and fees, 19.1% - purchase of foreign currency and deposits. Real incomes left after payment of taxes and obligatory fees made up 2862.6m manats over the first 4 months of 2006, which is 18.8% more than last year.

Thus, in January to April 2006 the community incomes at the expense of economy of expenses for purchase of goods and services exceeded expenses by 621m manats, or 16.2% up than last year. Expenses made up 2628.1m manats.

Source: State Committee Statistics

One of the types of community incomes salary has a rise tendency. Thus, average monthly salary of employee involved in the economy made up 132 manats, or 20.2% more than last year. The highest salary rate was fixed in extractive industry, as well as financial, leasing and commerce, construction sectors.

The social payment at work places made up 1.8m manats in January to April 2006. Major part of benefits fell on employees of electricity gas and water supply, transport, store economy, communications and education.

As to situation in the labor market in Azerbaijan in January to April 2006 those employed in the countrys economy made up 3862,300 people, with 33.5% hired workers. One fifth of employees were involved in big enterprises in the sector of material production.

As of 1 may 2006 the employment services of the country registered 55,741 people, whereas as of 1 April the figure was 56,377 people. So, the number of officially registered unemployed reduced 636 people over the last month. It occurred either as a result of increase of employed, or the unwillingness of the unemployed to get registered at the employment services

According to the Employment and Demography Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, 70% of the unemployed in Azerbaijan are people aged 35 years, 26% - people with higher and secondary education. So, the unemployment is in progress among youth, while the share of those with high education is 60.6% in structure. Despite insufficiency in teachers in rural areas 2830 teachers are unemployed. 51.4% of the unemployed are women. The same time over 4,000 foreign citizens are employed under the foreign projects in Azerbaijan.

Average unemployed benefit comprises 49 manats, which is 35.3% of average monthly salary of employees. The average amount of pensions made up 30.8 manats, or 24% of average monthly salary.

As of 1 April 2006 a total of 1183,800 pensioners have undergone state registration at the State Social Security Fund, including 781,700 old people, 268,400 disabled, 133,700 people who loss bread winners.

In January to March of 2006 107.2m manats has been spent on financing the pensions and benefits. The pension expenses made up 102.6m manats, 96% of which was spent on financing the labor pensions. 98.1m manats of labor pension expenses fell on unemployed labor pensioners. The pension expenses of the state officers made up 2.4m manats.

In his period 2.2m manats was paid at the expense of obligatory insurance, 33% of which was benefits for temporary loss of ability.

In compliance with the laws with the laws on Labor pensions and Social Benefits, dated 7 February 2006, social pensions were replaced with social benefits. Starting from this year the social benefits are granted and paid by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The important milestone in pensioners social life worth mentioning. On 17 April the Azerbaijani President adopted a state program on on strengthening of social security of oil people.