Radical Groups among Azerbaijan Opposition Will Need to Transfer to Constructivism Deputy Chief of Presidential Administration

Politics Materials 22 December 2006 17:56 (UTC +04:00)

The whole world, as well as Azerbaijan community know that the radicalism can not achieve anything. Opposition needs to shift to constructivism to keep its supporters, the Head of the Social-Political Department of the Executive Apparat of the Azerbaijani President, Ali Hasanov, informed Trend, commenting on the periodical interference of the international organizations in creating dialogue between the political forces within Azerbaijan. Hasanov expressed his regret and said that certain part of the Azerbaijan opposition does not demonstrate inclination to the dialogue, and that they are inclined to radicalism.

In addition, he said that the dialogue between the government and opposition is real and the critics of the Azerbaijan President are not excluded from this dialogue. Hasanov said that the government and opposition should understand their shortfalls. He said that the Azerbaijan opposition has not developed since 1992. We consider that the opposition parties should transfer to new structure, bring management system of activities into conformity with democratic models and replace the authoritarian propensity with democratic respect, said Hasanov.