Georgian Orthodox Church to Tackle Shutting Down of Church in Azerbaijan

Society Materials 20 October 2007 15:37

Georgia, Tbilisi / Тrend corr N. Kirtskhalia / Georgian Orthodox Church hopes to find a fast solution to the problem on shutting down of the single Georgian church in Azerbaijan's Gakh region. "Constructive and friendly relations between the Presidents of the two countries and ecclesiastics let us hope that the problems between the two countries, including that regarding Kurmukh church, will be resolved in the nearest future," according to Georgian Patriarchate's statement.

Georgian media reported that the Kurmukh church of St. George in Azerbaijan's Gakh region was shut down. The Spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Khazar Ibrahim, disproved the reports. Previously, Georgian Culture & Sports Minister, Georgy Gabashvili, stated that he had discussed the issue with Azerbaijani Culture & Tourism Ministry. The latter promised to tackle the problem.

Georgian Patriarchate extends its regret about the Kurmukh church urging the problem should be necessarily resolved.

"We stress that Georgian Patriarchate appreciates the relations between the two countries," the statements says.