Clive Owen's family problems

Society Materials 3 September 2007 13:17 (UTC +04:00)
Clive Owen's family problems

(thebosh.com) - Clive Owen has revealed his children hate him for going away on location.

The British actor and wife Sarah-Jane have two daughters, ten-year-old Hannah and eight-year-old Eve, and they hate it when he has to shoot his movies abroad.

Clive, 42, told Details magazine: "The girls have a very high status in my house.

"I'm the git in the family. Every time I go away, Hannah gives me what I call her Roger Moore face."

The 'Closer' star also revealed his wife is completely unimpressed about him being a Hollywood star and doesn't enjoy any of the glamour involved.

drag Sarah-Jane to a premiere. Her ultimate present, which I bought her a few years ago, was a Volkswagen caravan van.

"She's into arts and crafts, and hanging with the kids and going camping. She's very unimpressed by what I do.

"To be honest with you, I was always in it for the long haul. I wanted a career. I wanted to be able to keep doing it And at the moment, I'm having the time of my f***ing life."