Toyota Caucasus to expand awareness campaigns on hybrids in Azerbaijan (Exclusive)

Business Materials 9 July 2019 10:55 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 9

By Tamilla Mammadova - Trend:

Toyota Caucasus, the representation of the regional distributor of Toyota and Lexus in Georgia, is interested in implementation and expansion of advertising and educational work in Azerbaijan on distribution of hybrids, Irina Magradze, a representative of Toyota Caucasus, told Trend in an interview with Toyota Caucasus.

According to her, for Georgia, hybrid technologies were at first unfamiliar, as well as for Azerbaijan, because innovations in technology require time to be accepted. As Madame Magradze notes, in Georgia at the moment the demand for the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid is the highest. Toyota Caucasus presented a new model of this car in March, it was the first boom and it led to a great demand, not only in Georgia, but also throughout all Europe. This boom has greatly helped the company to expand the range of hybrid cars. Of the hybrids in Georgia are Rav 4, Camry, Corolla, CH-R Hybrid and Prius.

“If you ask in Georgia today what is the difference between a hybrid and a conventional engine, 70-80 percent of people will explain this to you. In Azerbaijan, we have already started awareness campaigns regarding hybrids, however, as long as the level of awareness about hybrid cars is not very high there. In Baku, we started with the distribution of the Rav 4 hybrid, but we will expand in this regard, our Company is very interested in this and carries out work from advertising to educational,” the representative said.

According to a company representative, the benefits of electric vehicles or fuel-cell vehicles, alternative power plants are very promising, in principle there are disadvantages and advantages in both moments. In electric vehicles, charging requires additional electricity, and if you replace all cars with electric cars, you will need a very large amount of energy. And it will be necessary to look for alternative power plants, that is, to additionally generate electricity.

“In this regard, hydrogen cars are less 'electrically dependent', although in their case more effort is needed to create a special infrastructure - because hydrogen stations are needed to recharge the cars. In any case, the future is in alternative power plants and Toyota as one of the pioneers in this direction takes this issue very seriously,” the representative said.

According to her, within the program Environmental Challenge 2050 the Toyota Caucasus has an ambition to minimize exhaust CO2 by 2050, reduce water consumption, and reduce the negative effect on the environment. These are not just words, real research and development is going in this direction.

“Toyota Caucasus” is a representative office in the region, respectively, we have contracts with dealers in all three Caucasian countries. That is, in Georgia we have two dealers, in Azerbaijan we have three dealers. We work under the same conditions, and we have the same requirements for all dealers in all three countries. We always, take into account the interests of the client, his position, as you know, the philosophy of the company is based on the principle “Customer First”. So this postulate is common not only for Georgia, but also for all of our dealers,” Magradze noted.

Toyota Caucasus, the regional distributor of Toyota and Lexus, was founded in January 2006 and began operations in April of the same year at the head office in Tbilisi. Toyota Caucasus is responsible for the development of the business of Toyota and Lexus in three countries of the Caucasus. The main role of the company is to supply new cars, original accessories and spare parts for Toyota and Lexus, as well as to conduct marketing activities and trainings for its dealers in the region covered.