Georgia doubts transportation forecasts by Iukse Dominachi

Business Materials 6 June 2006 12:24

Georgia claims its misunderstanding on designing railroad communication Baku-Tbilisi-Ahalkaaki-Kars. Director General of Georgian Railroads OOO Irakli Ezugbaya told Trends special correspondent that such claims are linked to Turkey in a view of the design feasibility study.

He said these claims will be discussed in late June in the course of transport ministers meeting held in Tbilisi.

This meeting will be featured with discussion of financing schedule. Azerbaijan is going to offer Georgia establish a joint venture to regulate fees, Georgias share and so.

Alongside, the parties will review the feasibility study performed by Iukse Dominachi of Turkey. Namely this company was awarded the tender called for by Turkish Transport Ministry.

Official Tbilisi, in particular, disagrees with transportation forecasts by Iukse Dominachi on the project.