Strong gas flow received from Turkmenistan's Garabil field

Oil&Gas Materials 31 May 2011 18:56 (UTC +04:00)

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, May 31 / Trend H.Hasanov /

The State Concern Turkmengaz received a gas flow with high pressure from 22 wells on the Garabil gas fields in the Mary Province, the company reported.

"This well gives daily 1.2 million cubic meters of natural gas. Research is underway on the 21, 23, 26 wells of this field. "

Turkmenistan ranks fourth globally for natural gas reserves after Russia, Iran and Qatar. The country's largest field Sout Yoloten-Osman with resources valued by local geologists at 22 trillion cubic meters is located in the Mary Province.

Exploration well drilling and 3D-seismic survey is also carried out in high speed in Turkmenistan's giant western fields - South Eloten-Osman and highly perspective object adjacent to it - Yashlar, Minara, West Yandakli, Doliguyu, Egritegenli, Gazanli, Shabasan, Garakel.

Turkmengeologiya carries out additional 3D seismic survey and drill new wells to fully outpost the gas stratum and to finally define the potential of industrial reserves.

Other highly perspective fields are also being exploited efficiently. Opening new gas and gas condensate field throughout the country testifies for it. New fields South Guliyak, Geuazli, Lebapsk - Agarguyu, North Gazlitepe were opened in the Akhalsk region and Dervezekem and Shabasan in Mariysk region.

In addition, industrial growth of reserves was achieved in North Naip, Bagaja, Chertak, Garajovlak, Garadurun and Ajiyap fields. To ensure stable production volumes of natural gas Turkmen geologists continue work on South Eloten-Osman and Yashlar and the adjacent fields . Concrete steps have been taken to commence gas production .

The industrial arrangement of the Central Karakum group of gas fields was launched in October 2010.