Mohammad Albaraday to visit Iran, IRAN & IAEA

Iran Materials 8 April 2006 13:37 (UTC +04:00)

Mohammad Albaraday, the Director General of IAEA, will visit Iran next week, western media reports referring to anonymous sources.

No official statement on exact dates of the trip has been made yet, Trend reports. It is known that Albaraday hope for positive results during the coming visit to Iran.

From 2003 IAEA investigates so called nuclear dossier of Iran, trying to restore full image of the nuclear activities in Iran for last 2 years.

In February 2006 leading European states achieved consent of Russia and China to the UN Security Councils joining the investigation of the dossier by fraudulent diplomatic maneuver. This led to the tension growth around Iran and droved the region to brinkmanship.

Albaraday is regarded as supporter of peaceful regulation of the Iranian nuclear conflict on the base of the Russian compromise initiate. He supports the idea on transfer of industry enrichment of Iranian uranium to the territory of Russia within the joint program between Moscow and Tehran under the condition of preservation of little investigative program in Iran itself.

Besides, Albaraday insists on increase of transparency of nuclear activities by Iran. He also proposes to Iran to suspend uranium enrichment for some time to restore trust in the peaceful character of the Iranian nuclear.

Many observers estimate the information entered on the forthcoming trip of the IAEA Director General to as a good sign. Earlier the diplomats close to Albaraday stated that the head of the agency would not visit Iran, if the chances to gain positive results during the visit did not high, IranAtom.Ru reports.