Iran to continue peaceful nuclear activities - Guardian Council secretary

Iran Materials 25 December 2006 14:40 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - Secretary of the Guardian Council Ahmad Jannati said here Monday that Iran would continue its peaceful nuclear activities.

In a meeting with Head of Egypt's Interest Section in Iran, Amr al-Zyat, Jannati called "worthless" a resolution passed by the UN Security Council Saturday night against Iran's peaceful nuclear program, reports Trend.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has no enmity with anybody but the Iranian government and nation will resist against conspiracies of enemies and will not yield to them.

"Iran calls for establishment of peace and security in the world. Peaceful use of nuclear energy is Iran's inalienable right," he said.

He added, "Iran is determined to supply its required nuclear fuel independently without relying on others.

"The honorable 27-year history of the Islamic Revolution shows that Iran has strongly resisted against any aggression."

Jannati said the Iranian government and people call for expansion of ties with states which have no enmity with the country.

"Iran never intervenes in internal affairs of countries and will never let other states meddle in its affairs," he stated.

The GC secretary said that presence of the US and British military in Iraq was the main cause behind its insecurity, adding, "By the time the US and Britain are present in Iraq, the crisis will continue. Insecurity and poverty in Iraq will be even deteriorated." Pointing to the commonalties between Iran and Egypt, he called for expansion of political, economic and cultural relations.

Al-Zyat, for his part, said Iran has presented reasons for continuation of its peaceful nuclear activities which leaves no place for doubts.

He quoted the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei as saying Islam has banned proliferation of nuclear weapons and added that Iran would never produce nuclear weapons because the most senior official of the country has regarded it against religion.

He said Egypt has resumed its nuclear activities after a 20-year suspension, adding that Tehran's progress on access to peaceful nuclear energy would be a matter of honor for Cairo.