Program summary: Iran IRINN TV economic news, March. 6

Business Materials 6 March 2018 17:57 (UTC +04:00)

The following is a numbered list of news on latest economic developments in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as of 12:00 GMT, March. 6, on IRINN TV.

1. 12:02 GMT – Government Spokesperson Mohamamdbaqer Nowbakht has said that the salary of government workers will increase by 10 percent over the coming year (starting March 20).

2. 12:06 GMT – Central Insurance of Iran will announce the rate of premium for third party insurance in future.

3. 12:07 GMT – An exhibition on rural and nomadic capabilities has been held in Tehran.

4. 12:07 GMT – Report on the rate of foreign currencies in the Iranian market. Euro was traded at 55,656 rials in the free market. The official rate of the USD was 37,383 rials and it was traded at 44,740 rials in the free market.

5. 12:08 GMT – Report on the prices of gold in the Iranian market. The gold coin was traded at 15,866,000 rials (about $354.6 according to the currency rate in the free market). One gram of the 18-karat gold was priced at 1,490,000 rials (about $33.3).

6. 12:09 GMT – The main index of Tehran Stock Exchange stood at 96,991 points.

7. 12:10 GMT – Report on the prices of domestic cars.

8. 12:10 GMT – Statistical Center of Iran has said that the rate of unemployment in the country has dropped by 0.3 percent.

9. 12:11 GMT – The investment guarantee fund for small-sized businesses in Iran has agreed to participate in a government-backed scheme for job creation in rural areas of the country.

Source: State-owned news channel IRINN, Tehran, in Persian

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