Palestinian Autonomy Demands Gratuitous Amnesty for Palestinians

Israel Materials 6 August 2008 17:09 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem, 6 August / Trend corr. R.Abdullayev/ Saudi Al-Vatan newspaper said on 5 August that the administration of the Palestinian Autonomy had applied to the Israeli Government asking to intensify the amnesty of terrorists, who were charged for murders and planning of terrorism acts, according to Zman.com.

The Palestinian Autonomy asks to release the head of Tanzim Maruan Barguti, an outstanding HAMAS member Aziz Duak and the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmad Saadat who is charged for the murder of Minister Rehavaam Zeevi, as well as other terrorists. Al-Vatan said the matter is not a deal on exchange of Gilad Shalit, but 'free' release of the terrorists as a sign of good will.

The London-based Al-Quds Al Arabi newspaper cited a high-ranking source, who noted change in the policy of the Israeli Government. According to the source, Israel shows flexibility and gentleness in discussion with HAMAS of the terrorist number who will be exchanged for Shalit. The source did not divulge the exact number of those to be amnestied, but stressed that after the 'generosity' of Israel demonstrated during signing of a deal with Hezbollah, HAMAS will not agree to moderate its demands.

The lists of HAMAS do not include the name of Barguti.